Tired Of Your Dark Dingy Warehouse Lighting?

Millions of warehouses across the country look just like this….Dark and Dingy!

It’s Time To Brighten Up Your Day!

We have SIX different options that will change the whole look and atmosphere of your warehouse, make your employees a lot happier, increase the safety in your warehouse and increase your production big time. Retrofit or New we can help you save energy by up to 70% and increase your lights brightness but up to 40%.

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Retrofitting Your Existing High Bay Light

The easiest way is to use one of our LED Retrofit Lights that uses your existing fixture. It takes about 20 minutes to convert one of these to an LED Retrofit and the results will be a huge increase in light that is hitting the floor and shelves and up to a 80% decrease in your energy bill plus the new LED retrofit will last up to 100,000 hours so no more maintenance for10+ years.

Retrofit Your High Bay Light With A LED Corn Cob

The most inexpensive way to retrofit your high bay light is with a Corn Cob LED. All of them have an internal driver and can be just plugged into the existing socket. Corn cob LED lights do not last as long as the LED Retrofit lights and last about 50,000 hours instead of 70,000 hours but they work great. We have retrofits from 20W up to 150W that can replace a 400W Metal Halide

Retrofits For Tubular High Bay Fixtures

FixturesAnother way to retrofit hour high bay fixtures that have Fluorescent Tubes is by using either our LED Super Tubes or out LED Super Strip Lights. We will help you choose the right product depending upon your application. For higher high bay applications above 12 feet we would suggest our LED Super Strip Lights. For lower applications you can use our LED Super Tube Lights.

New Super High Bay or New Metal Or Prismatic LED Light Bay Lights

If you need a new High Bay fixture we can also help you with that application. Depending upon how high and how bright of light you need we can either suggest a standard metal or prismatic high bay half moon light or we could take a look at our Super High Bay UFO Light. We can retrofit from 100W to 1500W HID lamps


Save up to 80% in electric and eliminate your lighting maintenance for 10+ years with an LED Retrofit Lighting Kit. Join the LED Revolution.

Few Of Many Projects


Since 2008 Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has sold tens of thousands of our LED Retrofit Light Kits to customers all over the country. At first it was CFL retrofits for parking garages then LED retrofits for parking lots. Now we have a complete line of LED retrofits and new LED light fixtures for all of the above and more. Our DLC Premium listed LED Retrofit Kits work in parking lot shoeboxes, wall packs, high bay lights, flood lights, cobra head lights replacing old inefficient 100W to 1500W HID or HPS lamps. With energy savings up to 80%, no more lighting maintenance for 10+ years and paybacks in less than two years it is a win-win situation for everybody. It’s important to speak to people with LED lighting experience before you buy. Because today there are many different options available for each application.


To give you the best options we need to know your existing wattage, voltage, type of existing fixture, kelvin setting,  height of fixture, type of ballast, lens cover or no cover, quantity and price range to really provide you the options that will best suit your needs. What we would suggest for a church parking lot may be different than a restaurant parking lot. LED tubes in an office setting may use 3 different color or kelvin combinations. If you’re looking to update to an LED today it’s all about Lumens…forget about wattage those days are over. There is a reason why people like Google, Lutron, The Coast Guard, Power Plants, Monsanto and Toyota call the experts at Neu-Tech Energy Solutions. They know we will get them the right LED light at the right price.


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In most cases there are several solutions to updating your old HID lighting to an LED.
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