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Neu-Tech Energy Solutions Has Been Blessed To Be Working With The Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary On Retrofitting

Their Older Existing Lighting To LED

The purpose of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary is to offer theological training that prepares man to enter the pastoral ministry of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or of Churches within it's confessional fellowship. The seminary also endeavors in various ways to offer opportunity for theological and professional growth to called workers who are already serving in the ministry of its confessional fellowship.

New LED Light Fixtures or Retrofit LED Lighting....What Works Best?

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has been working with several Lutheran Churches in Wisconsin including the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon on upgrading their existing lights to energy saving LED lighting. Because this Seminary is very old and has added many new buildings over the years there were other issues such as asbestos removal that had to be taken into consideration while determining the best way to upgrade their lighting to more energy efficient LED Lighting.

Neu-Tech LED lighting specialist Dave Klumb worked with the people involved at the seminary to come up with the best LED Lighting solutions in all buildings that did not involve any kind of remediation of asbestos. Neu-Tech Energy Solutions specializes in retrofitting existing lighting to LED lighting and reducing energy by up to 80% in many cases. New LED fixtures are great but in a lot of cases it is better to just use an LED retrofit light kit instead of purchasing new LED fixture and dealing with the high cost of asbestos remediation.

classroom LED Lighting  classroom LED lighting  T12 Classroom LED Retrofit Lighting

Class Room Lighting

In all three of these classrooms they had been using either a T8 or T12 fluorescent tube light. Neu-Tech chose to use their LED Super tube light that fit into the existing tombstones of each one of these

T8 or T12 fixtures. This was virtually a plug and play installation. The ballast were all removed and depending upon the existing tube the LED Super Tube can be wired single ended or double ended it does not matter. In a matter of minutes the existing old tubes were retrofitted with a new 5000K, 2340 lumen count bright LED tube and not asbestos was touched.

Take notice our LED tubes are being installed in both a troffer fixture and in a hanging fixture. In the hanging fixture we used our LED tubes rotating end to shine the light both up and down.


5000K Tube?

In most cases schools use 4000 K or even lower Kelvin ratings in their school lighting. What we are finding is that once we put in a Day Bright 5000K super tube the students love it and so do the professors. The professors were skeptical of the bright 5000K LED tubes but after using them they were all on board. The students said it was now much easier to read their bibles. This is happening all over the country. We have installed 5000K Day Bright LED tubes in Library's and they love them. Older people often remark that they can see the writing on the side of the books now when they are looking for new things to read.

Take at look a the picture on the left...that classroom is bright and cheerful. The other positive about LED tubes is they do not flicker. In many cased flickering fluorescent tubes cause migraine headaches for children in schools. That is over when you install LED tube lighting. These are just a few of the benefits to retrofitting your existing LED Fluorescent tubes to LED lights.

The enhanced quality of lighting creates a higher level of teaching and learning environment. Neu-Tech supported Curtic in obtaining rebates from Focus on Energy for each fixture they have converted which helped the Seminary reduce the total cost of the project.


LED Parking Lot Light  LED Bollard Light  decorateive corn cob retrofit light

Three other ways we have reduced the energy cost for the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary are their parking lot lighting, bollard lights and decorative driveway lights.

On the left you can see one of their existing 250W parking lot lights. Both a local Lutheran Church and the seminary used a 100W LED Retrofit Light kit to replace the 250W HID lamp saving them 60% in energy cost and eliminating their lighting maintenance for 70,000 to 100,000 hours or 10+ years or decades not every few years.

In the middle you can see we retrofitted their existing metal halide bollard light to an LED retrofit light.

On the far right is a picture of a decorative light fixture that is used to light up their driveway as you enter the seminary. We retrofitted 40 of these that initially had an incandescent light bulb, then a 45W CFL that they has to replace every year. We replaced the CFL with our 22W Corn cob LED light that will last well over 50,000 hours or 8+ years or more and save them 50% in energy.

Decorative Light Fixture LED Retrofit  Old Recessed can light  LED Retrofit Can Light

Another look at the Corn Cob LED Retrofit we installed in a decorative light fixture coming up the driveway. In the middle you can see a recessed can

putting out a yellowed light in the hallway. On the right of it you can see our new vertical LED PL lamp that we installed. We took it from 45W yellow lamp to

only 8W. I do not have a new after picture but best assured the hallway will be much brighter and the light will last a lot longer.


Please feel free to give Dave a call anytime to discuss this project. Also the director of building and grounds at the Seminary is willing to speak with you about how well this project went.

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